Hey! Cool! You found a secret page! Congrats for being observant. 

For your reward, I'll tell you an interesting fact about me.

In addition to being an artist, I am also a firm believer in Jesus Christ as my savior. I believe that God's work is seen through art and people, hence why I am a portrait photographer. My goal is not only to capture a beautiful subject or scene, but to use the connections and friendships I have made to further God's kingdom and spread His amazing word. I know so many complain about "mightier than thou" bios, so I decided the cross a permanent anchor on my site with a link to my beliefs. Something small, but visible form any place in my portfolio. My faith is not the only interesting thing about me, but I do let it shape my actions and words. If you have made it this far in finding this special page, shoot me an email.

Let's talk Jesus.