RBY | Sydney in Monahans II

Sometimes you go crazy trying to make something amazing out of limited materials and experience. Sometimes you try to orchestrate something big and end up crying once you look at the images you've tried to create. Sometimes, you aren't ready. 

Flashback to the summer of 2014. I had just started conceptual images a few months prior and I still look back at that time with amazing memories. Bald caps, pink water baths, smoke bombs, and lots of optimism. I was creating so much so quickly and loved everything I was doing. I told myself I was going to finish the summer with an ambitious project. Three models, different shooting days, lots of props, lots of hands, and high expectations. Surely enough, none of it was how I envisioned the shoot to go. I held onto the images for months and would scroll through occasionally to see if I had accidentally overlooked something but each time I just felt worse. I had wasted time, materials, and most importantly I lost confidence for at least 2-3 months. 

Fast forward to April 2016. I have a location, a model, lots of skittles, and five Beyonce albums queued up on Spotify for the long road trip ahead. I took the fabric I saved from that old project and re-imagined my concept for my art class at school. I wanted to play with minimalism, primary colors, and how the human figure can become a starting point for an idea. This was what I came up with. 

Sometimes failure can lead to opportunities for growth. Sometimes things aren't supposed to work on the first try. Sometimes, you just need to try something new.