Woman of the Lake

Texas is known for its flat land, arid conditions, and occasionally the heat. However, hidden treasures exist in the least likely of places. 

The concept came to me when I was dead set on coming to the quarry. Rather than just seeing it, I wanted to have a full-blown shoot. The first thing that entered my head was a goddess in a pure lake. I scrolled through my Facebook friends for a model and Sara immediately fit the bill. All that was left was the clothing. Thanks to one of my senior clients who had a sister interested in fashion, I found myself a designer for my shoot. Mary Perrone, my 16 year old designer, took my idea and made the dress in less than two days. She is going to be getting many texts about future projects, no doubt there. 

While we spent a good two hours trying to get to the location, we were running out of sunlight and energy (we were physically drained) leaving us with about forty minutes to shoot. I didn't get exactly everything I wanted in that short time, the images below are some of my favorite I have created in a long time. I'm going to make another excursion to the lake, mark my words. Until now, please enjoy. 


Photographer: Nick Glover

MUA and Model: Sara Belmer

Wardrobe: Mary Perrone