Brenna | Flower Mound Senior

I've been waiting so long for this post. I've been saving these images since the start of my senior season and are probably a few of my favorite senior images I've ever taken. Brenna has been my friend since I transferred schools in 3rd grade and has been with me ever since. Getting to photograph someone who I have seen go from an awkward eight year old to the woman you see below has been a blessing. Brenna has been supportive of my photography since the beginning, and when she approached me with her concept for her senior pictures I couldn't say no. She told me that she wanted images that were in the style of my fashion inspired work, incorporating things such as emphasis on the styling and distinct elements such as a flower crown. 

Merging the creativity of my styled shoots with a traditional client was a dream. This is something I want to slowly work my brand into; stylized senior portraits. I don't know why it didn't hit me sooner. For now, enjoy the set below.