Monique is truly an amazing talent. I met her back in the Fall through a mutual friend who said we just had to work together and I am so glad he connected us. She is a costume designer, I'm a photographer. She is an amazing model, I like amazing models. You get the picture.

I had worked with her in a shoot a few weeks before this one (coming next week!), but when Monique approached me about her latest design I couldn't wait to schedule the shoot. She created a Pop Art-esque outfit with bold colors, cel-shaded lines, and vintage props. We decided to shoot against a blank wall (outside a shady shopping mall here in Dallas) to make the colors pop and it resulted in a strong, editorial look. In the spirit of Winter, it was about 20 degrees during our hour long shoot and by the end of it, Monique was shivering all the way back to the car. 

I am so excited to release this set. I have two more shoots with Monique on the backlog, one from the Fall and another just last week (with snow!). I can't wait for many more in the future!