Getting Personal

Having a personality is hard. Rather, I should specify that having an online personality is difficult to manage. I've been attempting to keep this blog generally professional and orientated towards my photography, but there's been somewhat of a disconnect between the art and the artist. I would like to rectify this. 

Here are five facts about little ol' me.

1. I am subscribed to multiple fashion magazines

Yep, that is right. I have subscriptions to Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and a few others. While most of their readers are generally interested in the latest trends and news, I wanna see the pictures. I have NO SHAME in saying that I read fashion magazines like picture books. In some ways, thats what they are! Fashion is my favorite genre of photography because it creates this world of fantasy and make believe. Every new issue that comes in the mail is like getting a new book by Eric Carle, full of artistic innovation and imagination. If you think about it, a fashion photographer's job is just to take pictures of models play dress-up with veeeeeery expensive clothing and get paid for it. 

2. There are too many cardigans and button-ups in my closet

While I am no trend setter, I do feel pretty confident in my sense of style. My go-to? A nice cardigan and a button-up underneath. I probably have at least six blue button-ups in different shades and patterns between home and my dorm. I would say I have a problem, but H&M is so cheap I don't mind. While I still sport sweatpants and t-shirts when I plan on not leaving the house, I still love to express myself and feel good in what I'm wearing. 


3. I am a BIG nerd, and I do a good job of hiding it (mostly)

Few know how I actually became interested in photography. Most assume I've been shooting all my life or became interested through fashion, but it was actually my nerdy-ness that introduced me to the possibilities of photography. 

First off, I am a big anime and video game fan. HUGE. 

I have been playing video games since before I could even walk and fell in love with anime only a few years later. Since sixth grade, however, it became one of the bigger aspects of my life. I would spend hours playing games or watching the newest episode of a series (while getting my homework done, I promise). It only continued to grow as I became involved with online communities and made friends across the country. What sparked my interest in photography, however, was figure photography. Japanese companies create scaled figures of popular anime characters in dynamic poses or sets that are like pieces of art. I found amazing artists that would photograph these sculptures in cool locations or add special effects to create realism in the photo. My favorite photographers inspired me to take my own photos. I would take my anime figures to the park or to a field behind my church and create stories from the images. It was SO FUN! Eventually, a friend commented "Wow, they are little people! You should try taking portraits." From there, the rest is history. 


4. Chipotle is my life

We are about to take a dark turn in this post. Chipotle is my life. I probably eat at my school's location twice a week with no regrets. My introduction to the franchise came from a friend before a photoshoot and it has blossomed into an addiction ever since. There is actually a running joke on my Snapchat that I take a photo every time I enter the building (shameless plug my snapchat is "nikkuman"). If you ever want to meet me for professional reasons or just to grab lunch, there is a 99% chance I will recommend Chipotle. 

Oh, and just for reference or if you ever want to make my day better, my order is a burrito bowl with white rice, black beans, chicken, veggies, corn salsa, and a little bit of cheese. 

5. Faith

This probably the most personal thing I'll write online for a while. My Christian faith is not only the backbone of my work, but who I am as a person. I tend to not flaunt it online or even in everyday conversation, but if you ask me where my religious beliefs fall I will be completely honest. It has been a huge aspect of my life from an early age and at some points was the only thing I felt I had. My faith and trust as Christ as my savior is specifically mine and it is wonderful. That being said, I don't let my faith get in the way of treating people respectfully and lovingly. We all have our ideas on morality and spirituality, this just happens to be mine. 

Well, that just about wraps this up. Hopefully you've learned a few things about me that you didn't know before. I'm a relatively open book when it comes to my work, but being public with my life is something I'm not entirely used to quite yet. My blog will be updated more frequently (like, WEEKLY) and I cannot wait to share this continuing journey with you all.